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Analyze of the Kiev’s Major 2017 – part 2

So in this article, I’ll highlight all popular heroes and try to explain their popularity.

Crystal Maiden

CM dota 2

Crystal Maiden – the most picked hero, because the monkey king in the vast majority of cases was banned. The reason for her popularity is simple enough: she has an unhealthy root mechanic, powerful nukes with slowing (nova + ultimate) and an aura useful to the whole team at all stages of the game and especially in the early game.

But it is the renewed mechanics of the roots that guarantee the really serious power, since it, in fact, has almost a stun for 3 seconds with a recharge of 6 seconds. And if you take the talent for +1.5 seconds to the duration of the frostbite at level 25, then the window between uses will be only 1.5 seconds in total, which together with a powerful ultimate for mass combinations, good talents and nice nuke (also giving “flying” visibility) Makes her one of the best supports of the 5th position. Does it need to be nerfed? Hardly. Her excessive power is now dictated solely by the excessive force of the mechanics of the roots, and if it is corrected, it will be enough to keep her position as a useful support. Changes should be minor and should touch only frostbite ability.

Monkey King

Monkey King – the main strength of MK – is a strong potential for the trade due to passive ability, high mobility, team fights / zoning potential due to the ultimate and the ability to act as a scout. It is difficult to call it really strong, especially after a series of nerfs. He is vulnerable to both physical and magical damage since he has no defensive abilities and a high health pool, mobility is dictated by the need to avoid damage, and ultimate is useful first of all for control effect with a basher.

It is believed that if this bound (ultimate + basher) is fixed, then MK will be balanced, but who will pick him? MK will almost certainly be nerfed, but Valve should not fix this combination – ultimate + basher, but something else.


Warlock DOTA 2

Warlock – the hero as much more balanced than it may seem at first glance, and win rate (about 51%) at his popularity, a vivid indicator. Focused on the team fights, he also has a control ability that slowing down enemies and some lane-potential due to decent self-healing ability. The only unhealthy trend identified by a major is the development of the

The only unhealthy trend identified by the Kiev Major is the development of the upheaval in place of other abilities. It’s understandable – fatal bonds at the first level of development are extremely good, and shadow words rarely go beyond the lane stage and is not too effective in the team fights. Therefore, the most logical change

Therefore, the most logical change is a change in the increment of additional damage from bonds, depending on the skill’s pumping. For example, to make it so that they are initially scattered on 5 Targets, but the transferred percentage is increased as follows – 15/20/25/30. Thus, it will be a very appropriate rebalancing in favor of ensuring that the high-level upheaval does not appear early.

Treant Protector

Treant DOTA 2

Treant Protector – the strength and popularity of this hero, as in the case of Crystal Maiden, rests on all the same unhealthy mechanics of the roots, and he also has excellent basic characteristics, the ability to play defensively under the protection of the towers, the presence of stunning mechanics in addition to the roots mechanics and unconditional potential for scouting.

Rework is definitely required, and you can go both in the direction of changing the mechanics of the roots and in the direction of changing the living armor. For example, reduce the amount of blocking damage at early levels, which will force players to focus on between the additional control or additional defensive potential in team fights.

More heroes will be highlighted in next article…

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