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Analyze of the Kiev’s Major 2017 – part 3

We continue to analyze Dota 2 heroes and their indicators at the Kiev Major 2017.

Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit – the reason for his popularity lies solely in the mechanics of the roots. His win rate is not overdetermined and is in the region of 50%, and therefore the only change that can affect him is the indirect fix of the mechanics of the roots. As an additional option – the improvement of talents in the direction of physical damage, because after all the changes the players still returned to magician Ember Spirit build.

Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit – the popularity of the hero is simply banal. This is a kind of extra core hero with excellent talents, which can fully act through the BKB as necessary (after 25th all her abilities can penetrate immunity to magic), she has great push potential, nice damage from the auto attacks, but she can not counter the mechanics of illusions, If only partly with the help of the Aghanim’s Scepter, and therefore her win rate is quite stable. Changes, if they will, will be quite insignificant and increase her attractiveness as a support.


Lina is a hero who has finally found her place again. She has control, nukes, farm potential and can deal a decent damage in the late game with the help of passive ability and talents. She has a low enough win rate, but in skillful hands, she can do really terrible things, a vivid example of what the 4dr demonstrates. Will she somehow be nerfed? I don’t think so. The only thing that Valve can change is it her attractiveness as a support.

Legion Commander

Legion commander dota 2

Legion Commander – a kind of off-line queen in the current patch, as universal as possible. Strong characteristics, powerful nuke, the ability to counteract not only the root mechanic, but also a serious late-potential, and in the appendage to it – serious control through the BKB. In many aspects, she is similar to Axe, but unlike him, she can save teammates and stack a damage from the auto attacks. Her popularity is largely dictated by the unhealthy root mechanics and it is far less meaningful to nerf her than to raise the attractiveness of other off-liners.


Invoker Dota 2

Invoker –  is a hero that fully depends on players hands. Enough weak in the early stages of the game, he can farm well and fits perfectly into the concept of the late patch. Therefore, this hero will not be nerfed and even more – it is possible that he will only become stronger if Valve decides to shift the emphasis from the late stage of the game to the middle one, where the invoker will need additional opportunities for the battle.

Terrorblade and Naga Siren

Terrorblade dota 2

Terrorblade and Naga Siren – are almost same heroes that doing a good job – abusing mechanics of illusions. Both can farm a lot, have the potential for team fights, have a great push potential. Both characters will probably be changed, and almost certainly nerfs will primarily affect illusions, and the changes should be very serious. But just how much only time can tell.

Oh, that was a long article, and I hope that I did not forget about some popular heroes. I only want to remind that these are only my predictions, and how Valve nerf of buff these heroes depends only on them.


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