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HotS: Another tips that will keep your Hero alive

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If you trying your best and still dying, then just follow these advices, and you you will see how your skill will increase! Remember that even bad player is much better than dead player.

Know whom you can win in a duel

Heroes of the Storm
This advice relies more on your experience and knowledge about the game and the character control skills. We need to understand wich hero we can win 1 on 1. As it is necessary to take into account the factor of small interfering (creeps will cause damage but towers will destroy you). Before you get involved in fight, you must be 90% confident in your victory.

If you are not confident in your ability to kill an enemy hero, then better do not even try, unless his murder will not bring your team a huge leap in the level and in the same moment of your death will not be so significant. Typically, these situations happen, when your team is far behind, and for killing enemies, you will gain an additional experience. Also it would be nice to have an ally that will soak exp on the line.

Be on top form

Heroes of the Storm Hero Stay alive
It is surprising how often people continue to run on the map even without a large chunk of his hp bars, even if they are playing for supporter, or have access to the fountain. When someone was ganked, most likely he has left with very little amount of health, so any ability could be deadly. If you do not have full health, then you are limited in the choice of the position, decisions and your effectiveness in a whole.

In other words, if you can then go and heal yourself! Drink water from the fountain. Ask someone to stand up on your online and fly to the base. If none of these options are not available, then play as safe as possible and choose the safest routes.

Keep your escape at the ready

Heroes of the Storm tips
Just as you keep the stuns to prevent the enemy ganks, you should keep the mobile abilities to escape. Use Escape to breaking into a crowd of enemies is a fantastically efficient way of organizing your own murder. This applies for both early and late stages of the game. If you are not 100% sure that you will kill your target, then save the escape to escape.

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