Best boosting companies in the world

Best Boosting companies for popular Moba Games: HotS, LoL, DOTA2 and Smite


Our website is dedicated to boosting in moba genre. So we decided that its time to share our list of best boosting companies in the world. If you want to know what is elo boosting then you can read this topic.

First of all, let’s speak about why you should use a boosting service to get a better rank in your favorite MOBA?

  1. It will give you a chance to see how high-ranked players perform and learn a lot from them.
  2. Ego-factor: Your friends will be impressed how high your rank is!
  3. You will feel more confident if you will lose some ELO and back to your old position because you already would have an experience of competition with much more skilled enemies.

There are many great MOBA games on the market thus lets discuss the most popular service companies for these games.


This company provide 3 options of boosting to their customers:

  • Account power leveling from 1 to the 40 (which is maximum)
  • Hero League boost by divisions (from bronze 5 to Diamond 1)
  • Coaching services if you want to improve your skills to be able carry yourself and your team.

They have their own support team which works through skype, website live-chat and e-mail. Also there are 2 languages of the website you can choose: english and russian.

There are not many services for HotS because it’s not the most popular game. It’s popularity not even close to DOTA2 or LoL, so this service is the best we could find.

Except Hots services these guys selling boosts for Hearthstone and World of Warcraft.

To visit crazyboost company you can use this link – official website


BoostMMR is one the most popular services for DOTA2 fans. Their boosters have top MMR which is equal at least 6500. They provide many options for people who would like to increase their rank in the mother of MOBA genre:

  • Live chat with your booster while your work on your account is in process
  • You can spectate all games while your accounts MMR is going up to learn how to play better
  • Most of their orders are starting within 24 hours which is good speed for Dota2 service
  • Booosters won’t speak with anyone from your friendlist
  • Livestream while your booster is playing (optional)
  • Match history is always updated on the website
  • You can choose role and position on which your booster will play
BoostMMR Dota2 boosting company
BoostMMR official website

They declare themselves as the safest service with team of professionals and cheap prices. Their website has demonstration page and well developed members area. If you ever will need DOTA2 boosting our recommendation is to use these guys!

Official website of BOOSTMMR service.


League of Legends is the most popular game in the world. Recently they have reached 100 million of registered players. Because of that LoL boosting industry is highly competitive. There are a lot of services and companies where you can buy elo boost and coaching. So, why Boosteria is the best among them? Shortly – because of low prices and very high efficiency. Their hire only boosters with good history without any suspension on their account while requirement for minimum rank is Diamond 5. Boosteria was launched in the may of 2015 and became of the most major services on the market in the matter of months. Right now they provide their boosting services on every major server including NA, EU and OCE. Their features:

  • Most times order starts in 5 minutes after purchase (incredible speed for such company)
  • Live chat with person who works on ranking of your account
  • Ability to leave a review to a person who have boosted your account
  • Support center which is always ready to help you
  • Cheap prices for highly developed service
  • They have their own portfolio which you need to check before making an order
  • A lot of promo actions with massive discounts
  • Loyalty program which provides you with permanent discounts on your purchases
  • Challenger, Master and Diamond coaches if you need to learn new League of Legends tricks
Boosteria company: Payment page preview
Purchase page of Boosteria

You can ask why do they have such low prices and can that affect quality of service? They say that LoL market is overheated and because of that most services are overpriced. Thus they can give their customers fair price offers for League of Legends elo boosting!

Boosteria is one of the most well know service on League of Legends market and probably have the most professional and modern looking website. To visit it – click here.


As for smite there are not many options and almost no sites which provide boosting or coaching services for that game. Thus we recommend you to find private boosters who are working without company on the most popular game trading forum – elite pvpers. In this branch on forum you will find the offers from players who are selling their services. Boosting, coaching, account selling and power leveling. We recommend you to check reviews before purchase anything to be sure that you won’t get scammed. That’s because forum trading is not such safe as using regular service provider!



There are many companies for popular MOBA games and we recommend you some of them on our choice. However you have to see everything with your own eyes and choose by yourself. Also we will say that you shouldn’t run for cheap prices because usually they followed with low quality service.

Some tips:

  • If company have official page for purchases then avoid any deals through skype because every famous company has a few scamers who imitate their skype by adding a dot or “-” in end
  • Try different services before you will find your own. We would recommend you to use companies who value their customers and have a loyalty program for them
  • Don’t be afraid to leave a review to help other people to know what service they should choose
  • Be extremely careful when you buy something on forums or trading platforms. Chance to be scammed there is really high

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