Undying dota 2

Dota 2: Qualification matches – Undying, Riki

Undying – signature hero of Faceless team

Undying qualification

Another signature for Faceless team is a hero, that very close to Warlock on game style, and game goals. It is hard to say which team pushed Undying in Meta right now, in first time we saw him in LGD pick, about month ago, and from this time he rooted in the Asian pro scene. But in Europe only The Emperial (this guys love to experiment) use this fellow recently, and Liquid tried him a few times. Just imagine – We do not seen Undying on euro qualification matches till the Final, where he was picked by Liquid for Bulba.

  • LGD win 7 last matches with Undying
  • Faceless do not lose with Undying since the birth of this team, statistic with this hero 8:0

Undying dota 2

LGD preferes take this Zombie in pair with Axe, and Faceless – with Jakiro, but the point do not change. Undying give opportunity to group in early game and destroy towers, and in the late stages of the game he useful with… no, not due to his Aghanim’s Scepter (He just can not buy it, his role – support zombie), but due his ability to greatly heal one target. This allow his core heroes to live even if whole opposite team focus you.

  • At all main qualification matches thats longs more than one hour each, Undying take participate. And every team with Undying Win.


 Backstab from IceFrog

Riki qualification

In latest patches Riki received a serious nerfes, but in pro scene he never look like imbalanced monster. An group stage of TI6, for example he was taken only 13 times (and more then half of these matches he lost), and it all was even worse in play-off – 2 picks, 2 defeates.

Now Riki spent more mana on Smoke Screen cast, he deal less damage with Blink strike, and his slow in Smoke was greatly reduced too. Now 1st level of Smoke slow down target only by 13% (was 25%), and even if Riki decided to max his Q ability, roaming player can not get 7 lvl soon.

It is interesting that at European qualification Riki was picked only 2 times, and in that is nothing suprising: Europeans do not think that Riki is as an adequate hero.

  • for 44 matches of DreamLeague and DotaPit Riki was not picked even one time.

In other regions his fate looks terrible too, and causes are next:

  • Slardar returned to meta, and Riki is a bad pick when opposite team has that Naga. At these qualifications their score was 1:4 to the Slardar.
  • Ogre Mage as a roamer looks much stronger, in latest patch IceFrog reduced mana coast for Ignite and Bloodlust, and due to this player level up 1-4-1 and win their line easily.
  • Push Strategy is back, and Riki has a low push potential, or effectively defend his towers against push of the opposite team. Riki loses all matches against Dragon Knight, and Jakiro: 0:3 and 0:3.

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