Dota 2 patch review

Dota 2 | Quick review of 7.09 patch

The new version of Dota 2 was recently released, but what new features it brings? Let’s take a closer look at all this patch.

A special gift for supports

Valve and IceFrog finally decided to ease the life of all support players and now they reduced the cost of the courier from 200 gold to 50 gold. It was a pleasant surprise for all. This little change means a lot, for example, support now can buy some extra regeneration or a sentry ward to start an early aggression against invisible heroes.


Starting gold is reduced from 625 to 600, but this is a minor change because now first bounty rune gives +40 gold to EACH hero in the team. That means that by picking only 1 rune you bringing a 200 gold advantage to your team. Now it is very important to fight for runes from the first minutes of the game because if you will manage to steal all 4 runes, your team will get a great boost. Just imagine a bottle at 1-2 minute!

Goold old days of Dota 2

Tango now come with 3 charges and cost 90 gold. Like in the good old days. The average cost for 1 tango stay unchanged, so this is a minor balance fix. Instead of buying 1 tango, you just need to click at the icon 2 times. Considering the new Bounty runes it will not harm your financial situation.

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