Warlock dota 2

Dota 2: Warlock is back

As a result of the recently concluded qualifications mobaboosting.com prepared traditional review of recent changes in current Meta. In this article: the most successful, most controversial and most disappointed characters of the main event of the last days, as well as some interesting facts and statistics.

Warlock – back in new Meta


The most rapid rise in recent days. A month ago, nobody paid attention at the Warlock, and in the qualifications WESG he was picked only three times – by one team, The Imperial. And Warlock won all three matches.

The appearance of this character at the picks we predicted before the TI6: it was actively playing in pubs by llidanSTR. Illidan himself in the end did not go to Seattle, and Warlock eventually was used by EHOME only, and only on the situation. But after Kiev success hero began to appear in the picks more often, and revealed not so much in the Mid lane (in WESG all the matches were played by 13abyknight, Mid liner of The Imperial), but as a reliable support of 5th position, a good alternative to nerfed Oracle, Shadow Demon and Omniknight.

Dota 2 Warlock

Even in open qualifying for Boston Major Warlock entered the top 20 and beat such meta characters like Tinker, Batrider and Morphling; on qualifications that hero was taken even more often, but his overall win rate fell significantly, mainly due to the European qualifications: there Warlock won only three out of sixteen matches.

In theory, this hero is a good idea to deal with a popular pair Luna + Shadow Demon by Fatal Bonds. In practice, however, Luna destroys golems in a second and easily interupt Upheaval cast by using Lucent Beam.

  • 0:4 – result of Warlock Vs. Luna + Shadow Demon
  • Warlock dota 2

But do not jump to conclusions. For example, in region of South-East Asia teams iceiceice and Faceless not lose for 18 consecutive games and in 12 of them they took for themselves Warlock. this hero has his own cons – bounded to his line, has no reliable control, but in the five-man Dota he fits perfectly, and in this style Faceless team play (and win).

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