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I’ve heard that many people doesnt know how to raise theirs Elo. Once i try to find that article, but i cannot find it anywhere, thats why right here i’ll tell you basics about how to raise your Elo.


Well, firstly try to understand that Elo simply reflects your skill and try to raise skill in the first.
The easiest way to raise your skill – play as much as possible, and preferably always on the same role, and better on one champion. Many players with high Elo rankings have mastered 1-2 champion (of each role) and play only on them.
Of course, play on one champion is not too exciting, but it’s also important if you are going to raise your Elo, you play not for fun, but to win.

LoL Ranks

To raise your gaming skills, not only in League Of Legends, but also in any other game – you need to play against stronger opponents.

How to find STRONG enemies?

But you dont choose your opponents, Game choose by itself. But there is 1 trick that will allow you to play against strong opponents:

  • Play duo with your friend that have almost same rank as you, then you will, almost every time, do the last picks, that means that all other comrades in your team have higher ranks. That allow you to play against stronger opponents.
  • Another important point – that you often will not accrue to the roles that you want, because of the last pick, so you need to be able to properly play on all roles. To do this, get your hands on at least one Champ for each role, preferably the simplest, such as Diana (support), Jarvan (jungle), Annie (Mid), Ashe (ADC), Zac (top). (These heroes to me personally seems simple,if you dont like them, then just dont pick them 🙂 ).


Sum up, to improve your ELO you need to play a lot, try to play the same role and one champion, try to play duo, play not for fun, but to win.

LoL ranks system

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