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EloHell | How to boost Elo | Player’s behavior

Chapter 2 | Player’s behavior

To easily win games in League of Legends you need to always increase your gaming skills. But even if you mastered all skills, you still can lose games in SoloQ. And does not matter how good you were, how much minions you killed, or how often you ganked enemies – if you can not cooperate with your friends, then you probably will lose. You can not win a match just in Solo, without the help of your team mates.

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Learn basic behavior skill in LoL and how to conversate with 9 peoples in each match. Act as a champion – without whining, flaming, and raging; and you will see how easier will be to play in this game.

Before we start the Second chapter I want to give a small hint – always play so as you participate in some big LoL event. Play till the end, and never surrender. Your motivation can be used as an example by team mates and greatly raise their morale.

How to act in SoloQ?

As I said before, play every game as it the most important game in your life. Be a strong leader to your team, and command them wisely.

I’ll start this part of the article with basic tips that does not linked up with the League of Legends.


Make Exercises. Yep, I am serious. Do exercises before start your gaming session in League of Legends. If you think that you do not have enough time for this, then think about all possibilities that will open to you after a short training session. After exercises, your adrenaline will increase, and it will boost all your senses greatly. Moreover, your brain will wake up and you will be able to make right decisions.

Plan your day

Make sure that you start a gaming session fully rested and with the full stomach. Do not let any negative thoughts appear in your head. If you feel tired then do not sit to play, instead, go and rest some hours. You will show much better results if you will be fresh!

And do not forget about breaks. Your brain can be exhausted, so make short breaks after each two-three games. If you played a lot of games in a row, then you can just burn out. So here is my recommendation: play one or two ranked games and show here all you can do, and after it take a short break or at least start a normal draft where you will play only for fun. Also, make an emergency break if you just end a game with a moron in your team. Short break not only helps you to chill out but also greatly decreases chances of meeting this person in SoloQ again.

Understand yourself

Never play in LoL if you ill. This is the most important part of independent behavior. When you play poker in a bad state (emotionally and physically) – it’s called tilt. You do not need to do this. Turn off the game, take a break and play when you feel better (or play the normals). But never lose a rating without a reason.

Enemies and Allies in SoloQ

Learn how to communicate with peoples, especially with the whining and raging idiots that do not anything in a game, except ruining it. It is the major thing in communication, and with each game, you will be greater at it. All bad games will just pass through if you learn how to ignore those idiots.

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Prepare for the worst

In each game, you will face 4 random peoples, and you need to be tolerated with them. Never show anger to your team mates, especially if they failed. If this is a clever person, he understands that he failed his team, but if this a typical idiot, he will just argue with you and in the worst case starts to feed the enemy.

Stay on the Light Side

Anger never helped anybody. When you raging you decrease the morale of your team, and in the most important fight, low morale may cause a loss. If you really want to win games, then act chill even with the most dump personalities. Does not matter what your allies do, and does not matter whose fault it was. Unite your team and just go forwards.

Be a strong leader

Learn to communicate with people, win their authority and then lead them to victory! Games are not won by singles, and the higher your connection with the team, the greater the chances of winning.

Choose right map objectives, like Elemental Dragons or Baron Nashor. Show the best opportunities for a gank or push. Lead your team into teamfights, and know when it is better to retreat.

Never listen to anyone who is worse than you. Can you make better decisions than them? You know the game better than them? If the answer to these two question is yes, then do not let anyone besides you to control the team. If the whole team leads the idiot, then just do not listen to them. If they decide to kill Nashor when it is not safe, then just ignore them and keep farming.


Morale is a combination of physical and psychological qualities that determine the fighting ability of the team. And you should make sure that it stays on top. Encourage your team mates, notice every kill with a friendly phrase and do not flame on a team mate who made a mistake. No matter how serious the consequences of his failure were, the consequences of the moribund morale of the team would be many times worse.

Morale is the only resource in League of Legends that you have no right to lose. If you want to boost elo, then make sure that your team is ready for anything and will not falter in the face of danger


You can be a great LoL player, but it is not enough to win ranked matches in SoloQ. Here you need something more than simple gaming skills. Moba is not all about the game, it is about team cooperation. You need to find your “best” hours when you stay in a perfect form, learn how to make a friendly conversation with four random peoples that appear in your team.

lol carry the whole team

This is a hard road, and you will fall many times, stepping on it, but if you will be insistent you will see how your Elo rating slowly grows. Elo boosting never was an easy task, but if hardly decided to do it, then continuously enhance yourself. There are no limits to perfection!

Just play in League of Legends and practice. But not only play, follow the most skillful players that you can find and watch their streams, learn from them. You will find a lot of new ways of playing, I can guarantee it.

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p.s. Never rage in the League of Legends and make everything you need to play at all 100%.


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