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Gentlemens, let’s push: Part 1

A few words about main element in Dota 2 – push.

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Main goal in Dota 2 is clear and certain – destroy opponent’s throne. Pathes to this goal – this is another thing, but game will not end even if you will have 30 thousands more gold and 5 cheeses in every inventory. In this article we will talk about these pathes to reach that goal.

And i must notice that the push strategy is one of the best for a group boosting, because games are short, and MMR is just flew in the Top.

No just one time players with various MMR contact with such problem as Tower Destruction, and i do not talk about going on highground. It is necessary to say that enemies are not idiots and know how to defend their structures. This is why you need to know how to pass through their defense and do not fall on a simple tricks. This is not Fast Push guide, this is article about logic and basic principes of push as an Dota 2 element.

It is incredibly important to not postpone towers for later, because enemy does not sleep, and extra money in the pocket of your team always will be good. And about money, here is the Towers cost:

  • Tier 1 – 160 (60 if denied) ; For lasthit 150-250
  • Tier 2 – 200 (100 if denied) ; For lasthit 150-250
  • Tier 3 – 240 (120 if denied) ; For lasthit 150-250
  • Tier 4 – 280 (160 if denied) ; For lasthit 150-250

From one side 160 gold not a big deal, but if you look at situation on another angel > for destroying first 3 towers you will get an advantage in ~3000 gold, and for a ~10 minute of the game this is a great money.

All last years of updates of Dota 2 was targeted to increase match time in general. Another words: developers with various methods makes push harder. In current patch it is incredibly hard to destroy enemy’s throne in 10-15 minutes, how Na’Vi done in their best years.

And Patch 6.82 , where IceFrog decrease a gold reward for each tower, strongly influenced on a push tactic.

Dota 2 Heroes

In result Dota 2 became more spectacular and chained to a team fights, and fast push strategies goes on a second plan. But even now some peoples can destroy enemy’s throne in 8-10 minutes.

There is a few aspects that you need to know when you push:

  • Pick;
  • View;
  • Auras and effects;

And today we will look at Pick Aspect closely:


With all that simpliest of push tactic, in public realization of this often comes to a standstill. Always try to balance your team and have some siege weapon. It will be ashamed to dominate at all map, without ability to go on highground.

First of all, you need good tanks, summoned or permanent creatures, or very popular illusions. It is easy to destroy every tower, but you can not go on highground which is defended by a Meta Tinker. Also you need a hero that can fastly clear waves of creeps. In most cases you need only 2 AoE spells, like Pugna’s Nether Blast and Shadow Shaman’s Ether Shock. Do not forget about healers like Dazzle or Witch Doctor.

In Pub always look at pick of your opponents – ideal opportunity to apply your push strategy is if enemies have slow passive core heroes like Anti Mage, Ember Spirit or Spectre. Also push strategy will work with a Junglers in enemy team. It is clear that after 30-40 minutes game will be over for you, but until then it is all in your hands.

If you play in group then think about queue of your picks, enemies must not know about your strategy until the last moment. Always think about balance and never go all-in.

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