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Gentlemens, let’s push: Part 2 or Split-push

Dota 2 is a game where it is hard to win but easy to lose. Even gold and experience advantages do not mean that you will win. Especially if opposite team have a hero who always split push your team. A lot of games were lost because Nature’s Prophet or Clinkz in a second destroy enemy’s throne. Split-push – is a cruel tactic and only vigilant and cautious players avoid such defeats.

What is split-push in the DotA 2

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Split-push – is a tactic for a late game, but your goal in the early game – babysitting your split-pusher and gank as much as you can opposite split-push hero. If you can not roam then the best strategy – defend your towers. This will help you a lot in the late game, where each tower is important.

It would be useful to destroy a few enemy towers as soon as possible, which would subsequently create many problems for them. Enemies should keep the lines under constant review and that would distract them from more important tasks.

Too passive gameplay in the early stages is the most common mistake of most players. Remember – use any chance to put pressure on the enemy, kill him and get the advantage in gold and experience. You must know the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. Every hero in Dota 2 is unique, and you need to know all the weaknesses of the split-pushers.

Farm farm and farm

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Most typical split-pushers in the early stages of the game are weak and unable to respond to enemy aggression. Their skills do not give them an advantage at the start of the game. Heroes like Naga Siren or the Anti-mage can be very powerful in the late stage of the game, but this depends directly on how well they survived the beginning and the middle of the game.

More active split-pushers may be independent in the early game, but they still require a good farm. Because of this, the rest of the team may suffer, they simply do not have enough creeps. Any fight in which this hero is not present will be a funeral for the rest of the team.

Split-push hero – lonely hero

Anti-mage dota 2

In the middle of the game, split-pushers often walk alone, trying to kill as many creeps as possible in the short time. It makes them easier to gank because nobody just can’t protect them from the enemy.

The best method to gank a split-pusher is correctly placed wards. It’s the right way to catch an enemy a couple times. In fact, the periodic killing of Farming heroes in any game will give to you, and especially to your team, a great advantage.

How to push correctly

When a team in the middle of a game decides at any cost to destroy one or two enemy towers, this may not be the best idea, especially with the bad pull of heroes. If your team pushing slower than the enemy team, you don’t have to go to that adventure. Split-pushers can quickly move from farm and destruction of your buildings to protection, so be cautious about any risky provocation towards them.

At best, you’re just changing with the towers, which back you in the late stages of the game. In the worst case, split-push heroes will destroy a pair of buildings and then immediately start protecting his own base.

If you decided to destroy a couple of towers, then make sure that all your lines are out pushed. That will help your team to feel more comfortable while pushing and will alert you when split pusher appears on some line.

Late game

If you stepped in the late game with a fatty split pusher in the opposite team, then you probably doomed. At this stage, you must understand that teammates of the enemy’s split pusher do not receive enough of gold and you have an advantage in the team fights. Summary push potential of teams will be equal but enemies powers will be concentrated in one hero.

Split pushers have a great mobility and a great power in the one by one fights (like Tinker, Furion or Anti-mage) and you never can be sure that your buildings are secured. If enemies can win a team fight then split pushers will be near your buildings in a few seconds.

The best you can do is to hunt for them while they pushing lines. In the late game, you may lose barracks but you must not lose in fights.

Even professionals make mistakes, and the best example is the finals of The International 3.


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