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Heroes of the Storm: 6 mistakes that can ruin your game

6 mistakes that can ruin your game

HotS main mistakes

Everyone thinks that games like Heroes of the Storm won and lost directly in the battlefield, where gods, men and murlocs are fighting for coins, flowers and crystals from the Spiders. In fact, some games are played before the player enters the Game!

Many people make mistakes that affect the start of the game from the very first minutes of the match. You should not be one of them, it is important to be psychologically, physically and mentally prepared for future games. Make sure that you are not subject to any of the following pre-match mistakes!

Tilt Play

You might think that the term “tilt” is just a kind of psychological fetish and you can safely continue to roll, hoping to catch win streak. And although it is true that the win rate can change over time, but the tilt is real, and it greatly affects your game, even if you are not aware of this.

Your mechanical part of the game can be at the same level, but the decision-making mechanism and calculation of issued / received damage will fly into the pipe. As you know, the one who takes bad decisions – lose game.

If you are in a losing streak and feel disappointed by the game, then just stepped back and take a break. For some, this is shift in the Quick matches and relaxing stay there when playing on their favorite characters, others need to go for a walk and clear theirr head. Find the best for you and try to always get a fan during a game.

Ignoring patchnotes

Unbelievable how many people are running to play league games immediately after the patch, not even bothering to read it. For example, in the day when Regar lost the opportunity to apply the treatment on himself, I have met several people who claimed that it is a bug. How can you play well, if you do not know what has changed in it?

If you want to succeed and get into the top rankings, you should begin to spend time by learning patchnotes. Just keep in mind the various views of the players about the changes. Then you can drill down to a patch analysis by professional players.

Do not have a clue what is now in Meta

HotS Lose before load 2
Some people hate the idea of “meta“, but you need to know which of the characters is  strong and popular now. You can extract a ton of benefits by pick (or ban) strong characters at the moment. In fact, it almost never worth to pick weak character and it does not matter what kind of role he is. Understanding the Meta help you with creating a balanced team.

I’m not saying that you should continue to play the heroes, of which have a negative win rate, just because they are now very strong. The main thing is that you know who are now strong and what you need to do to deal with him.

Not ready physically / mentally / technically

In addition to all the other preparations you should also be ready for games in all senses of this word.

If you are distracted or very disappointed, what else, then your mental state can hardly be called a position for the game (fans Warm-up matches can help deal with this). If you have a stomach ache, you are not ready physically, it’s elementary, is not it? If you have bad internet, jammed keyboard, the computer is overheating, you should not play for technical reasons, bad technique does not allow the match to go smoothly.

Take the time to fix any possible problems before starting the game.

Ignore chat

You should communicate with your teammates! Teams draft continues without any chat messages too frequently. Use the time before the match, to choose the most convenient for the roles and draw up a plan for the match.

Try to create a friendly atmosphere, tell the allies on what you love to play and feel free to make suggestions. I saw the team fall apart even during the Draft time and other teams become one.

Bad draft

Strategy of a good draft pick goes far beyond the scope of this article, but there is something very important, so important that you can lose the game before the start of the match. Dont pick hero, if the enemy already have counter pick for him or will be able to easily do so in the future. If the first pick is Nova then for opponents opens countless ways to completely nullify hers strengths. Taking Lieutenant Morales by first pick, you are pushing opponents take on the burst heroes, and this advance puts your team at a disadvantage position.


There is nothing worse than increase the chances of defeat by your own hands. Work on the preparations for the match, it can greatly affect your mood during the game, which subsequently increase the win rate. You will start to rise in the ladder, and at the same time become more careful, prepared and happy player.

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