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HotS: Pure Statistic

We should focus on push

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Heroes of the Storm always was a game with a slight comeback mechanics. It’s one of the things that makes this game fun and exciting. No matter how bad things were before, one good teamfight in the late stage of the game could completely change the course of the match. However, times have changed and comebacks now not the common thing in the HotS realities.

After the patch with Guldan one win in late games teamfight ceased to be equated with winning the game. Although this, as before will help you to quickly catch up with the experience of the enemy team, and now we can not say with certainty that you will have time to take down their fort and Core until they are dead.  I was surprised when I found out how much advantage is given to the team that first destroyed fort and let the catapult out.

HotS winrate statistic

Figures taken from Hotslogs, heroes of the league in the last 30 days. Values in fast games almost identical to these.

The fact that the team, the first breaks the fort of enemy wins in 9 cases out of 10, the brain explodes, but it shows how huge is the difference between the delay for level and delay for buildings.


If you are behind in the experience, then you have a great chance to catch up, because the game is already built mechanical bonus experience from killing an enemy hero on the level above you.

If you start to fall behind on the buildings, then the chances that you will catch up with the enemy is a lot lower. In contrast to the experience, there are no bonuses to reduce the difference in the gap on the buildings. In fact, a recent change of the creeps performs the function to reduce your chance of a comeback in the match. If you give this advantage to your opponent, then the only way to catch up with your enemy – is to destroy theirs Core, but you probably can not do this, because one of your teammates must be on base to defend it from catapults. Now you need to beat your opponents and the HotS not going to do it for you.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the need to adjust the game as soon as possible. If you are waiting for the situation in which you are already behind, and only then begin to adjust to the match, then it is too late. The early game is not just picking up experience to 10 minutes with breaks for the fight for the map objects. The ability to push at the beginning of the match, and to threaten the enemy’s buildings are now the key to victory. Much better to be in the team, which exacerbates the situation than that which resists to this. And if you take advantage on buildings, then you are likely to save it until the end of the game.

Do not give up

Percentage of wins, tell us about the importance of adjusting the game from the first minute of the match, not the fact that after a lost of fort the chances of win are low. Do not write “GG” and become the AFK on the fountain, if enemies destroy your MID. Start playing more aggressively in the early stages to earn the advantage in buildings for your team. Your job is to be the one who exacerbates the situation, and not to those who just defense at base. Fight like hell to reclaim the lost advantage. Do not sit in the defense, while the enemies continue to simply demolish your Fortes one after the other.

HotS catapult

And let the numbers in the image above, will affect your game, not your attitude to it.

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