League of Legends tips from professional

Learn League of Legends from the professional

High-ELO tricks that will make you a GOD in low-mid elo ranges

Have you ever dreamed about playing League as good as LoL professional player – TF Blade? For those who don’t know TF Blade is a high-skilled Elo player and one of the most famous Twitch.tv streamers. In this article, you will learn how to deal with stress and toxicity in this game and a lot of tricks that will help you in most matchups.

If you are still not impressed with TF blade, then you need to look at his Gamer Performance Index, that includes every important landmark highlighting all major League skills, from Farming to Duels.

TF Blade indicators in League of Legends

So now I think that you are convinced enough that he is a god gamer, so let’s go straight to the guide!

How to learn champions and extend your champion pool

First of all, you need to understand that having a small champion pool is an extremely bad decision because if one of your champions will be nerfed you will need to start all the way of mastering champion from the very beginning. Let’s look at the Akali, she was nerfed hard. She was so good because she has a good wave clearing tools that give her the opportunity to roam across the map and bringing chaos in the ranks of an enemy.

Irelia League of Legends

And now many players who maining her need to find the new champ to play in ranked. It would be a lot easier if your champion pool more than 2-3 champions. Professional players have a champion pool consisting of 10-2 champions to EACH role they play.

How Irelia’s rework affected the game?

But before choosing champions to master into your pool, you need to learn all the patch notes. Just look at the Irelia and her rework, and you will see a great potential that could be used to quickly boost elo in League. Her kit is a lot more interesting, now you have a stun, damage mitigation and good-old dash on Q. So champions who loved Akali could look at Irelia, she is quite the same now.

But if you already played Irelia before and now struggling with her, it is not about reworked mechanics. The core of the problem is in matchups. You may feel different but in most cases, she became much stronger. So spend a few hours in Practice Tool, learning her updated kit and re-learn many popular matchups. There is no need in removing this champion from your hero pool.

What are the advantages of learning high-skill champions?

Learning a new, high skill champion is an incredibly hard task and the average League player need from 30 to 50 games to master ONE high-skill champion, like Irelia. But if they want to reach the highest level of feeling and understanding the champion they’ll need to play at least 100 games against various champions.

hard champions League of Legends

It is always a good thing to learn a high skill champion, especially if you are player of the low Elo leagues. Just remember that you will lose a hella ton of games, so it would be better if you’ll learn then not in ranked mode. But by playing and learning hard champions you will greatly increase your understanding of the in-game mechanics. You will see that macro control of the map will not be such a hard job for you. If you’ll learn to micro a high skilled champion then you will feel much easier on all other, especially on the easiest one.

And the main rule. Never flame anyone else, most of the games are lost only because you made a mistake. Do not become one of those who whining in the chat about how unlucky you were when Riot Games gathered your team. Rewatch your lost game and try to find this mistake to fix it in future matches. Focus on the self-improving and became a better version of yourself.

Learning wave control and matchups

Wave control is an extremely important skill for mid and top lanes. Let’s take as an example the next matchup – Irelia vs Tryndamere. You both are level 6, and you push the lane. In that case, Tryndamere will annihilate you down to the atoms, just because you will have all your abilities on CD while he will simply press R and chase you until you die.

The better decision in this situation is to start a fight while both waves are here, 6 minions on each side. When he’ll use his Undying Rage just kite hit between creeps, causing him to receive additional damage from the wave, and as soon as his ultimate will fade down, just end him. And this is only one of many situations where creep control may save your life.

To master this skill you need to know your opponent, his limits and what they could do on the lane. You need to know all possible variations of the future, to know when it is cool to push the lane, or when it is dangerous for you because the opponent will bite the half of your face.

wave control League of Legends

Matchups are the crucial thing you need to learn. And only after learning matchups the knowledge about when it will be safe to push a lane will appear. You need to clearly see when you have a priority and when you do not have this priority. And this will give a huge advantage to your jungler, you will tell him the best timing to attack an enemy.

Cooperating with the Jungler

Never ask your jungler for a gank if you know that your opponent has an escaping ability ready. But you could always bite the enemy to use gap closing ability in an attempt to kill you, while you jungler will go from behind and both of you will execute him, while all his escaping tools are on cooldown.

And if you know that your opponent has a lot of escaping abilities, never even try to gank him. It would be better if you push the lane under his tower, letting him free-farm a little, while you and your buddy jungler will go for a walk into the enemy’s jungle. Killing a jungler has a much higher priority than slaying anyone else, cause you will hit hard his timings and he may never return into the game.

Are replays really so important?

No. There is no need to watch replays to find your mistakes if you brave enough to accept that dying on that stage of the game is only your fault. When you fully accept the fact that there is only one guilty man in all your deaths, and this man is yourself, the necessity of replays will fall out.

replays League of Legends

The only thing you could use replays is just to watch on your attitude and see why you were so bad. It may be anything even a bad day at work. If you miss major minion, kill or anything else, it is not because you are bad, it is because you were unfocused. Anyone could perform at the level of the Challenger, they just need to learn when and how they could focus on the game by 100%.

A few last words to League players

Just believe in yourself. Stop thinking about that High Elo players are better than you, just focus on the game and learn the same amount of data about the game as them. It is not so hard as it may seem, but of course, it will require some time. Do not haste and the results will appear even after a week or two of studying. Follow your dream and someday you will be in the Master league, just never give up! If it is really your true desire, then you will definitely reach it.

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