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Boost MMR in Dota 2 as a support

Oracle – the strongest support in the Meta

I don’t like to analyze the tournament’s meta before ending of the very tournament, but I’ve seen one hero, about which I NEED to talk. Oracle is one of the most popular and successive picks on the DreamLeague Season 11 with the incredible winrate ~70%.

The snowball of Oracle buffs

Defensive supports are not so popular right now, but Oracle could bring too much aggression with him on the laning stage. The damage from the Fortune’s End was dramatically increased, and the ability became too strong for the early HP changes: 120 damage for 75 mana is incredibly strong!

Dota 2 MMR

Oracle has a nice starting stats – HP and armor, and one of the greatest int increase per level, that gives you an opportunity to spam your abilities in the mid-game.

Despite his pretty low damage, his BAT (Base Attack Timer) is only 1.4 sec, that makes him a great harasser on the lane, and help against such things like Phoenix’s Egg or Undying’s Tombstone.

Oracle is suitable to the Meta

Oracle is extremely good in theory. As a support, he gives a nice chunk of damage on the lane, while having the strongest saving ultimates in the game. But the real reason why this hero is so popular – is the current Meta.

Such heroes as Dark Seer, Ursa, Necrophos, Doom, Batrider and others, meet several problems playing against a hero with the purification. Dark Seer is almost worthless because all his Ion Shells will be dispelled with only one button. Ursa is losing a ton of damage thanks to the roots and disarm.

Roots and Disarm – are two extremely strong effects, and only a few heroes could ignore both of them. That is why Oracle will never be too bad for laning. Moreover, you could purify all negative effects from the allies, and this is useful in any case. That is why he is quite good in Dota 2 Boost.

Oracle's worst enemy

Also, there are a lot of heroes with the periodic damage in the current meta, that making False Promise only better. Such heroes like Death Prophet, Leshrac, Razor and even Viper are taking benefits from the long fights, that allows them to min-max their damage. These heroes don’t have any burst sources of damage, but in the long distance (30+ seconds) they will do more DPS than any other hero. And False Promise could guarantee them this long distance.

Let’s learn how to be Good

Oracle has 4 active abilities, and 3 of them could be used as on enemies, as on allies. This making Oracle quite a complex hero, that requires a lot of practice hours. Especially taking into account that all his abilities have a low CD, and Oracle needs to use his abilities on CD, to maximally affect the teamfight.

From the other side, closer to the midgame, all abilities of the Oracle have a great range of usage – when the Hero reach level 15, all his abilities could be used at the max range and you can hide in the trees, just hiding from the enemies.

The skill build is extremely easy – by the 7-th level you need to max Purifying Flames and 1 level on each other magic. This allows you to have the maximum damage, without leaving all your defensive potential far, far behind. The talent tree is extremely easy as well. The only thing you need to understand – you need to rush up to the 15 levels, to reach the +120 GPM (Gold Per Minute) talent. And that is why you need to choose +25 exp gain on the 10-th.

Dota 2 event Oracle

Playing as the Oracle you need to understand that all your abilities could bring as an advantage as a disadvantage to your team. Fate’s Edict before Purifying Flames gives an opportunity to heal your ally without dealing him damage, but also it sets a Disarm state on him. Purifying Flames – is an extremely strong nuke, but if you not purified it butt, your “nuke” will heal an enemy. You need to understand that is a maybe strange choice to harass an enemy with the high magic resist, or even with the Holy Locket!

Dota 2 has a great mass of situations and you need to understand all of them if you want to play as Oracle. Thank god his ultimate is pretty ease and strong in usage, that even in the hands of the newbee his ultimate could be extremely effective.

Last words

Oracle's best friend

Periods, when several heroes may look too strong, are great to learn a particular hero. Just do not let enemies pick such a hero, and even with the non-ideal play, you’ll bring a lot of advantages to the team. This is a potential win-win situation, and I highly recommend you to pick Oracle right now, before he received a series of nerfs.

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