Heroes of the Sroem tips

Stay alive: Tips on avoiding DEATH

Dead player = Bad player

Heroes of the Sroem tips

One of the main components of a successful player in the Heroes of the Storm is the ability to stay alive. They do not lose the duel on line, they can not be killed during the rotation, and even more they do not die in the battle for the map mechanics. Of course, people at all levels of the game will die in teamfights from time to time, but the ability to stay alive in the other aspects of the game can not allow the enemy team to receive such a significant advantage, and it gives you more chances to win.

Players who die in any, even the low-risk situations, will greatly suffer when trying to increase their rank. They should start follow the advice described below.

Consider The movement of enemies

Many players understand that you need to monitor the movement of enemies by minimap and it can save your life. Enemies also monitor movement and you need to be sure that you do not accidentally revealed yourself.

This means not just staing out of sight of the specific opponent character, you need to calculate the time of your next appearance on enemies map. Avoid enemy creeps during risky maneuvers. Learn to use the bushes for a permanent stay in the dark for an opponent.

Be cool and stay alive

HotS be cool
Most of the players adhere to the aggressive style in terms of early Lining. This means that they often use their stuns, roots or slowing down abilities during attempts to murder the enemy. Unfortunately, when making kill is not possible, you put yourself into enemy territory without a chance of escape in case of Gang.

If you are not 100% sure that will win the duel and make a kill, it will be much safer to play passively and wait for help of the allies. Keeping of your control spells for protection, you can save your life and destroy the enemy plans.

Stand next to the routes of escape

HotS routes of escape
Too many inexperienced players like to stand in the middle of the line, that is a big mistake, because they are too far from their fortifications. People rarely think about their position during Lining in the early stages of the game or during a visit to the enemies forts, making them an easy target.

Start positioning next to the bushes, it will allow you to quickly disappear from the vision zone of enemy. Stay close to the gate, which can fully protect you during a gang. Sit in a place from which it is easy to begin a retreat.

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